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Home Base Senior Services began with a Google search: in-home care for an aging relative. Mike Gibson needed to find care for his father-in-law, who was experiencing major health issues. Lost in the mess of terms, companies, and services he’d never dealt with before (CNA, RN, hospice, home health, palliative care, Medicaid, etc.) he saw an opportunity: senior care, simplified.

Mike went to work, putting more emphasis on caregiver training, leveraging his decades of corporate management experience at the individual client level.

Better caregivers = better care

As the business grew, it became more obvious that home care was only one piece of the senior care puzzle. Homebound clients usually can’t drive, meaning they need to be driven. Home Base Transportation was born. As clients age, they need care beyond the home, leaving the family to handle the complexities of the home sale and upkeep. Hence, there is a need for Mike Gibson Real Estate, etc.

One by one, we’ve built businesses tailored to our clients’ needs. What was missing from Mike’s (as well as the industry’s) initial home care need was a one-stop-shop—a portfolio of senior services that grew and aged like our clients did and cared for them and their families at every step in the process.

One-stop-shop, but not one-size-fits.

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