As part of our portfolio of senior services, we’re proud to introduce our new Estate Planning Services offered by local law firm Dyer & Mauro in Mesquite.


Even when you think you have everything in order, it is always best to have a will. You’ve spent your whole life working to ensure your family is taken care of. Our attorneys will work with you one-on-one to guarantee that your assets, otherwise known as your estate, are handled in a way that best protects your loved ones. Whenever you pass, the last thing you want to happen is having more stress added to your family’s plate in an already stressful time.

Lady Bird Deeds

If you are looking to avoid probate, Lady Bird Deeds, also referred as Transfer on Death Deeds, will help you keep your house out of the probate process when you pass. These deeds allow you to maintain complete ownership while you are living, but once you pass, your home will be gifted to your loved ones without need of the courts.

Power of Attorneys

As you grow older, handling your daily affairs may become more difficult. By having an agent appointed through a Power of Attorney, your loved ones will be able to help you when needed. Here at Dyer & Mauro, we offer the Durable Power of Attorney and the Medical Power of Attorney, so you can elect who can help you make decisions on your behalf.


A Trust is an alternative way to transfer assets while adding numerous layers of protection. Trusts have multiple uses and purposes. They can be used to limit or even eliminate probate, protect assets from creditors, and provide you better control of the use of such assets should something happen to you. Trusts are a great tool when planning your estate because they can be tailored to your goals.

Some purposes that Trusts can be used for include caring for minors, assistance for the mentally impaired, avoiding probate, or if you want to prevent your children from blowing it all on a weekend trip to Cancun.

Want to learn more about Estate Planning Services? Get in touch! Call 972-850-9945 or submit the form.

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Want to learn more about Estate Planning Services? Get in touch! Call 972-850-9945 or submit the form.

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